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Safe from Harm

A culturally specific family violence education and legal assistance service for residents in the City of Moonee Valley, Flemington and Kensington. As part of this project a specialist family violence lawyer conducts outreaches to local schools and community centres. Funders include the Legal Services Board (pilot funding) and the Victorian State Government Department of Justice and Regulation (current funding). This project is run in partnership with the Flemington & Kensington Community Legal Centre (FKCLC). See for further information. The Safe from Harm Project has been supported by the Victorian Government. 


Fines are one of the most common legal problems that community legal centres like our help people with. FineFixer provides a user-friendly website that assists the public to deal with their infringements matters quickly and easily. FineFixer was developed through the Access to Justice Through Technology Challenge, a partnership between the Centre for Innovative Justice, the RMIT Fastrack Innovation Program, Victoria Legal Aid and the community legal sector. This project was supported by the Victoria Law Foundation.

FineFixer is available at 

Family Relationships Centre

A project aimed at providing family law advice and education to clients undergoing mediation at the Family Relationships Centre in Broadmeadows, and legal representation at family dispute resolution sessions (LAFDR’s). This project is run in partnership with the Broadmeadows Family Relationships Centre and Northern Community Legal Centre.  


A service offered in partnership with pro bono partners Gadens, aimed at assisting public housing tenants with a range of tenancy matters. The Tenancy Project has been supported by the Victorian Government. 

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